Our Crowned Kings of November

December 21, 2017


Cheers for our Crowned Kings of November!! We’re so proud of these guys!  This month we recognize Greg Moore, Jim Heintz, Megan Pelowski, Bryan Wrolstad and Nick Mulvihill. CCB is lucky to be home to such a talented, dedicated team of beer professionals.

Greg Moore is a long-time veteran with CCB and a real team player we’re so thankful to have. He has a great attitude and has embraced all the changes with the new warehouse from the layout to all the new roles the warehouse crew performs. Greg is always willing to grab a hot-shot order to help everyone out and is a real asset to our team.

Jim Heintz has been with CCB since January 2008 and is a System Analyst who loves problem solving and helping others. When not at work, you might find him enjoying a Budweiser with a cheeseburger, playing cards or hanging out with his friends and family.

Megan Pelowski has been with us since March 2016. She is a Sales Representative for our team. Her favorite part of the job is visiting new breweries and sampling new products. When Megan’s not at work, you can find her traveling and playing volleyball with friends, enjoying a Bud Light on the sidelines or dreaming about her bucket list 3 week vacation to Australia, New Zealand and Bora Bora.

Bryan Wrolstad has been with us since June 2015 and is a Mechanic with our team. Bryan’s favorite part about his job with CCB is taking things that are broken and fixing them. When not at work, you might find him racing anything with a motor, splitting wood, enjoying a Bud Light (why not?) or watching Family guy and eating pizza.

Nick Mulvihill has been with our team since September 2016 and is a Service Representative for CCB. His favorite part about his job is driving the Big Trucks! When not at work, you might find Nick enjoying a Kona Hanalei, ice fishing, watching Frozen with his daughters or smoking meat.

Thank you for all your hard work team! High-five to you all!


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