Our Crowned Kings of May

June 19, 2018

Please join me in congratulating the Night Loading Crew (Derrick Ellingson, Kyle Pleschourt, Russell Horejsi & Miguel Lopez) and Ryan Sabyan in receiving King of the Month for May 2018. Due to the holiday and travel we were delayed in the selection and again apologize.

As we all know the Night Loading crew was on overdrive and handled the very heavy nights without complaints. Due to short staffing, the holiday week and deal changes, they had their work cut out for them. They have great camaraderie with each other and hold themselves and each other accountable. Even with all the obstacles, their picking errors are down. Starting their day now at 3:30 gives them the opportunity to be more connected to our CCB family. It also helps them get home before the sun comes up! Thank you for your time, work ethic and commitment to keep up with the demands of the season.

Our other recipient, Ryan Sabyan, continues to knock it out of the park. He once again has been recognized by A-B, to all other A-B Distributors, for his display execution at Total Wine. He sets his bar very high and he delivers in every area. He leads the charge with Kona, holding himself accountable to his team in making sure he hits his target. Ryan is ahead of the game with the Folds of Honor donation program. He continues to outperform himself and the managers continue to use him as the example. Ryan, keep up the great work and thanks for all you do!

High 5’s KOM’s, You Rock!


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