Our Crowned Kings of July

August 08, 2018

Jon Burns

Driven to Serve Jon will do just about anything for CCB as well as his accounts. He has been willing to help out when in need of another CDL. Jon has been more than willing to deliver off route customers as well as delivering special events, most recently, Kolacky Days in Montgomery with zero complaints or incidences. Is constantly looking out for the greater good of the company.
Positive Energy Jon comes in to work in a light mood, ready to crack a joke and get the group loose for the day. He is a pleasure to have in the room. Even when Jon is having a less than perfect day he finds a positive note and makes it through with a smile. Jon takes a lot of teasing from his peers and enjoys the camaraderie.
Caring and Compassionate Jon shines with this Core Value. It’s not uncommon to hear Burnsy talking with his fellow workmates about home life and “how things are going”. He’ll be quick to offer up some of his own “real life adventures” to coincide with someone and help them feel at ease.
Passion to Grow Jon is willing to go above and beyond, he has the inherent feeling that what he is doing is helping our company to grow. It may not be at a large scale, he understands that every little bit helps, and with a full-fledged effort, he knows that we can obtain goals that may otherwise seem lofty. Jon is always willing to test anything Amy implements or upgrades with the system.
Accountability to the Team Burnsy is very accountable to the delivery team. If he makes a mistake, he owns it then makes any attempt possible to correct it. He understands that we’re all human, so mistakes will happen. People know they can rely on Jon to do the job and do it right. Jon never leaves things undone or makes extra work for the team.

Amber Helman

Driven to Serve Amber takes a personal approach to selling the entire town of Stillwater. You can often hear Amber discussing her accounts when she is in the office, planning her next moves. From being organized, knowing what needs to be discussed with her accounts and closing any gaps with Judy, Amber has it covered. Even on short notice, Amber is always willing to help a retailer thru a situation to gain sales. She is more than willing to go out of her way to ensure that the retailer has success in their business, along with CCB.
Positive Energy Amber is one of those people that emits positive energy. Being near her and her contagious laugh brings you up. She has the ability to make people laugh and is supportive of all CCB employees. Amber has great energy in her accounts from the moment she walks through the door. From warm hugs to internal customers, to buying accounts coffee out of her pocket, Amber is always bringing in positive vibes wherever she goes. When she encounters a situation where the answer is not always what she wants to hear, she accepts the situation and moves forward with a positive attitude to achieve the best possible result.
Caring and Compassionate Amber is always willing to listen to fellow employees and retailers, making them feel comfortable to share with her. She’s the type of person that will always be there when help is needed. Amber is a natural care giver and each of us see it on a day to day basis, this does not stop just at CCB. Amber goes out of her way to make sure her accounts feel the same way, trusting she wants the best for their business and for them personally. Amber genuinely cares and listens to other individuals.
Passion to Grow Amber adapts to the ever-changing field of technology and has curiosity in Encompass. She’s always willing to learn and isn’t afraid to ask questions or ask for help. Amber has taken the next step to understanding her sales #’s, KPI and Scorecard. In the month of July she stepped up, took on the task and crushed her goals! Amber hates to lose, if she loses a line she doesn’t back down and accept losing the line. With our exploration into the possibility of distributing wine, Amber has taken a lead role in choosing our course of action to market. She will be and wants to be an integral part of the process.
Accountability to the Team Amber, is a TEAM player 100% of the time. She is great with brewery reps and is always willing to ride with and support the rep’s brands. She attends and supports fellow reps promotions and is always willing to help others with Lift Bridge questions and beer knowledge. She is interactive with the Admin Team with great follow up and asking questions. She responds timely to phone messages, text messages and emails and takes care of her accounts. We saw this especially during this year’s Lumberjack Days. Amber is more than willing to work across all departments to ensure success for CCB. From Forecasting to Special Events or Delivery, Amber continues to communicate with all of us to ensure success.

Way to go, well deserved & High 5’s!!!


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