Our Crowned Kings of April

May 16, 2018

Please join me in congratulating Megan Pelowski and Jerrad Page in receiving KOM for April 2018.

Megan continues to excel in her market not only with her customers both internal and externally, she also does with our suppliers. She often contacts them to join her on her route to gain new points of distribution. Megan is continually looking to set up tastings to get accounts and their customers familiar with new products hitting the pipeline. She continues to provide great communication with her drivers, making sure they are on the same page at all times. Megan works hard on her goals and is on top of her SRI demands. Thanks for all you do Megan, we are lucky to have you.

Jerrad is a much needed and great support piece to the entire sales department. He just does an amazing job with whatever is asked of him helping all teams. When it comes to coolers sets he makes sure he has all of his t’s crossed and i’s dotted. Jerrad is always making sure he closes the loop including Tokyo (Mr. Coyer) on any communication that may affect forecasting as well. He is always ready to work coming in each and every day with a positive attitude. We appreciate all the work and support you give Jerrad, thank you!

Well-deserved KOM’S, High 5’s & You Rock!


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