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joiaJOIA started over a dinner with great friends and a conversation about blending our favorite fruit juices with herb and spices. A mixologist joined the team and before long, a company was launched – Boundary Waters Brands. Long hours were spent tasting and refining. It had to be natural. It had to be refreshing. It had to be REAL! Not too much fruit juice or sugar. Distinct. Delicious. Fresh.

Then we enlisted friends to try our craft and provide honest opinions. Without exception everyone loved them, and the joy of our creations is succinctly expressed in our name – JOIA. We are committed to delivering exceptionally refreshing, distinctly flavored beverages that bring joy and celebrate life. Of course, we hope you will ‘share the JOIA’ with friends. It’s where our inspiration began.

From Day-1 JOIA has been about family and friends. It still is. Everyone from the photographers to the models to the makeup artists to the developer has donated significant time and talent and were all drawn from our pool of family and friends. We can’t thank them enough.

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