Craft Beer Styles and Their Food Pairings

January 11, 2015

Why pair your beer with food? Certain beer styles help to balance and/or complement the complex flavors of your meals, making for a more tasteful dining experience – i.e. hoppy/bitter beers help emphasize spiciness, sweet/malty brews help balance smoked or rich flavors, and so on. With a plethora of craft beers to choose from, you’re likely to find a favorite beer to go with your favorite dish. We found this great infographic from TheBuzzBin, which features craft beer styles and their food pairings. Do you have a favorite beer/food pairing? Comment below!

For a more comprehensive craft beer and food pairing chart, check out this one from the brewers association.

14-PCRT-Craft-Beer-Infographic (1)


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