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ftownF-Town is excited to be bringing brewing back to the historic downtown Faribault! Located just across the Straight River from one of the area’s original breweries in downtown Faribault, F-Town will reignite, pursue to perfect, and blaze a new trail of brewing high quality beer that began in this town in 1856.

Faribault is well known for world-class craftsmanship due to the likes of the Cheese Caves of Faribault and Faribault Woolen Mill Co.; F-town is destined to be next. F-Town is all about creation; from creating unique brews that balance both flavor and fullness, to creating an atmosphere that emphasizes their small town pride.

We are excited to create an opportunity for you to enjoy our product in a history rich and enjoyable atmosphere that is F-Town.

F-Town Brewing Website: www.ftownbeer.com

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