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Interview With Kraig Peterson, Nebraska Brewing

With a foundation in homebrewing in 1992, Paul Kavulak set about to experiment within a hobby that would prove both entertaining and, at times, refreshing.  Over a period of roughly 13 years, and with the able assistance of his wife

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George Washington and the Great Pumpkin Beer

Did you know our founding father brewed his own beer? Pumpkin beer to be exact. George Washington’s own home-brew calls for more outdated ingredients, like molasses. But, if you’d like to brew your own presidential-inspired beer, here’s a link to

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New Fall Beer Release (Part 2)

Mankato – Leaf Raker Nut Brown Ale This English Brown Ale’s taste and dark red/amber tones perfectly capture the changing of the seasons in one glass. Mankato Leaf Raker Nut Brown Ale comes packed with delicious nutty flavors and hints

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