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Hand crafted in the Twin Cities, we roast our own coffee, and keg smooth, flavorful cold brew coffee. Drink our cold brew on tap or in a bottle – it’s bright, floral, and so smooth. We also specialize in Nitro Cold Brew!! A rich and velvety stout-like brew on Nitrous.

We prefer our Cold Brew straight, or over ice, but sometimes mix it with cream or Bailey’s…and it’s perfect for chilling out on the patio, or making it through the morning commute, the 2PM conference call, or that late night study session. We truly think our cold brew is special, and suggest you venture to one of our customers to try us on tap or in a bottle.

Now the official home of Blackeye Roasting Company, Quixotic Coffee is proudly serving up Blackeye Cold Brew on-tap, along with a few other pleasurable non-alcoholic beverages. Come check us out!

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