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What delivery services do you provide?

We not only deliver products; we rotate to ensure product freshness, build displays to increase product visibility and sales, fill back stock and shelves and build relationships with our retail partners. To read more about our products, please click here.

How do I become a customer?

If you are within our territory please contact us.

What seasonal specials do you offer?

Our seasonal specials can be viewed on our products page! To keep updated on the latest events or product promotions, feel free to add us on Facebook or Twitter. You are also more than welcome to contact us.

Why can't you deliver outside of your distribution territory?

Minnesota Law requires us to distribute only within our territory. Generally, wholesalers purchase certain territories and can only legally distribute within them. If you’re looking for a wholesaler, you will have to contact a distribution company within your territory.

How many businesses do you serve?

College City Beverage services over 1300 accounts within our distribution territory.

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