Introducing WarPigs Brewing

August 30, 2017

We are beyond excited to welcome WarPigs Brewing to Minnesota and to our beer portfolio. We were introduced to the brand last week when their team, and brewer Todd Houg, visited us for a presentation of the brand and sampling of their styles.


WarPigs_Resized-1305WarPigs_Resized-1303WarPigs_Resized-1300WarPigs has been a collaboration of 3 Floyds and Mikkeller since 2015. They’ve been distributed across the Midwest, in Indiana and Wisconsin and now Minnesota. We are confident this brand will be successful and are looking forward to working with them.

Lazurite IPA is a bright and juicy American IPA and is the first style to hit our accounts — find it on tap and give it a taste as soon as you can!

Lazurite IPA can be found on tap in our territory, at on-premise accounts. Salmon Pants and Foggy Geezer will be widely available on tap starting September 25.

Foggy Geezer Hazy IPA is super fruity and dank with a firm bitterness. You’ll find citrus, peach, and tropical fruit aromas when you put your nose to this pint.

Lazurite and Foggy Geezer will launch in six-packs of 12-ounce cans on October 2, and Salmon Pants will launch in six-packs of 12-ounce cans on November 6. By introducing the brands as draft-only it gives WarPigs a chance to build up their inventory and our reps to better forecast the off-premise sales.

WarPigs_Resized-1306 WarPigs_Resized-1302 WarPigs_Resized-1294


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