Summer Seasonal Beer

June 07, 2017

Introducing our newest summer seasonal beers. You’ll want to get your hands on these brews as soon as possible before they’re gone with the winds of summer!

Alaskan Summer Ale

Alaskan Summer Ale balances a softly malted palate with the clean freshness of hops. In the tradition of the style, neither overpowers the other. Both hops and malt come together to refresh and renew the palate. The straw-gold color and easy drinkability are an enjoyable way to celebrate summer. Alaskan Summer Ale is made from glacier-fed water and a generous blend of European and Pacific Northwest hop varieties and premium two-row and specialty malts. ABV 5.3%, IBU 18

Badger Hill Minne-Ale

Minne-Ale is a light, easy-drinking Kölsch-style beer that uses both lager and ale yeast strains to create a clean flavor that hints at the best aspects of a light American Pilsner while retaining the genuine aspects of a traditional all-malt German pale ale. ABV 4.8%, IBU 22

Badger Hill Hop Hill Pale Ale

Hop Hill tastes like courage. It tastes like a satisfying click on a Cat-5 cable or a perfectly hit golf ball. It has the aroma of hope, rebellion and stability. It’s clear, like vision or like glacial ice. ABV 5.3%, IBU 19

Badger Hill White IPA

2014 Gold Medal – Great American Beer Fest
2015 Silver Medal – US Open Beer Championships

Our take on the White IPA is a hoppy Belgian Wit beer with Orange Zest and Coriander. Unfiltered, this beer pours pale white, with a solid head. Citrus notes abound with a clean bitterness and a citrus, slightly tart finish. First introduced in the summer of 2013 as a limited release, we liked it so much we decided to bring it back as a summer seasonal!

Blake’s Hard Cider Grizzly Pear

It’s their first pear hard cider, Grizzly melds soft notes of pear & prickly pear cactus balanced with a sharp apple finish with a hint of elderflower. No bears were harmed in the making of this product. ABV 5%

Blue Point Summer Ale

The delicious, refreshing taste of Summer Ale comes from a substantial portion of wheat malt added to a traditional barley malt mix which gives this delicious brew a unique tartness not found in many light ales these days. No surprise – this light, thirst-quenching brew is best enjoyed on hot summer days. ABV 4.5%, IBU 19

Elysian Superfuzz Blood Orange Pale Ale

This mind-bending whirl of the aromas and flavors of blood orange and Northwest hops create a refreshing summer seasonal. ABV 6.4% IBU 45

F-Town Be Here Now Golden Ale

Hints of citrusy tangerine flavor with a light pine aroma. This refreshingly smooth pale ale captures the now moments you share. ABV 5.0%, IBU 35

Goose Island My Shout Sparkling Ale

goose_island_shout_sparklingMy Shout is a take on a sparking ale, a favorite style Down Under. In Australia, you say “It’s my shout” when it’s your turn to buy the next round. This beer has hints of apricot and stone fruit combined with spicy and citrusy hops resulting in a bright, sparking ale we hope is your next round. ABV 5%, IBU 32

Goose Island Summertime Kölsch

goose_island_summertime_kolschWith a light fruity aroma and a bright, crisp finish, this brew is the perfect summer session ale.  A Kölsch beer brewed in the traditional German fashion, you’ll find yourself enjoying and savoring each sip of Summertime as much as your do those hot summer days and cool summer nights. ABV 5.1%, IBU 20

Kentucky Peach Barrel Wheat Ale

kentucky_peach_barrel_wheatImages of your real (or fanciful) old Kentucky home in bourbon country are conjured up with every sip, thanks to the brew’s six-week aging period in fresh Kentucky bourbon barrels. Our barrel-aging process balances hints of caramel and vanilla and subtle cereal notes with the juiciness of a fresh ripe peach, creating a golden color. Enjoy this light-bodied, refreshing offering before the bright rays of summer fade into fall. ABV 8%

Lift Bridge Crosscut IPA

lift_bridge_crosscutAn ode to the lumberjacks who helped settle the St. Croix Valley is a well-balanced IPA that’s refreshing anytime of day. The hop character and aroma are accentuated by multiple additions of Cascade varietal and a dry hop with Amarillo and Citra. ABV 5%

Odell St. Lupulin

A mystical legend echoes in the brew house—that of St. Lupulin (loop-you-lin), the archetypal hophead. He devoted endless summers to endless rows of hops, tending to the flowers and the beloved resin within—lupulin. Extraordinary oils in this yellow resin provide this dry-hopped extra pale ale with an undeniably pleasing floral aroma and clean, crisp finish. One sip of this seasonal summer ale and you too will believe. ABV 6.5%, IBU 40

Omission Ultimate Light Golden Ale

Omission Ultimate Light Golden Ale is smooth and easy drinking, but full of flavor. Citrusy hops and a clean finish leave you wanting more. And with only 99 calories and 5 carbs, you can have another without feeling full. Like all Omission beers, Omission Ultimate Light Golden Ale is crafted to remove gluten. ABV 4.2%, IBU 10

Shock Top Lemon Shandy

Sun’s out, lemons out. Always smooth, always refreshing — this crisp lemon recipe was designed for summer. Just like the season, you won’t want it to end. ABV 4.2%, IBU 3.5

Spiked Seltzer

spiked_seltzerSpikedSeltzer is made exclusively from purified water and natural ingredients. The fresh fruit flavors infused in SpikedSeltzer are derived from cold-pressed citrus essence from a variety of fruits. Fermentation of this citrus essence and sugar naturally produces 6% alcohol. The result is clean and clear without the sugary sweetness of wine or the heaviness of beer.

Summit Keller Pils

This traditional, unfiltered German-style pilsner, Summit Keller Pils, was hailed as the #2 Pilsner in the world last year by Paste Magazine, so they’re not changing a thing. Same traditional Tettnang hops and modern German variety Huell Melon. Same spicy floral notes and balanced citrus bitterness. You’ll remember the malty-sweet and honey undertones, too. ABV 5.1%, IBU 38

Summit Summer Ale

This highly drinkable session beer is made for sunny days and long nights. With a crisp, clean bitterness appealing to casual and serious beer drinkers alike. The refreshing fruity and floral hop aroma is a pleasant reminder to savor the season while you can. ABV 4.4%, IBU 37

Watch for even more releases in your area!


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