Our Crowned Kings of January

March 12, 2018

We have crowned our three kings for January! Please join us in congratulating Amber Helman, Jerrad Page, and Andy Schmitz!

Amber Helman has a heart of gold and puts her heart and soul into her job and relationships both external and internal, while maintaining a professional approach to her job. She did an amazing job getting the town of Stillwater prepared for the CCB Holiday Partyat Pub 112. Not to mention all the work she did at Pub 112, a total tap takeover of 30+ lines. She dominated the town with Bud Light Super Bowl, Michelob Golden Light MN Wild and Budweiser MN Timberwolves signage and specials. She had the town looking top notch for when we arrived. Amber is a team player and always going the extra mile. When facing supply issues with product, she understands that it is no one’s fault, just a result of the supplier system. She goes to market realizing she is the face and frontline of the company for her accounts. She explains the issue while staying calm with them and continues to gain results. Amber is also great about handling draft problems. If Amber doesn’t know how to fix it, she gives Joe Leahy a call and asks for guidance and wants to fix it herself. We appreciate all your hard work, care and commitment Amber, well done!

Jerrad Page is another KOM for the month of January. Don’t let his laid-back attitude fool you; he is persistent and doesn’t give up. Even though he only has one day of On-Premise, he took it upon himself to do his part with making sure CCB looked great for the Super Bowl coming to town. He gained three Bud Light lines and several new Bud Light aluminum bottle placements. Jerrad is always willing to go the extra mile to help out. He communicates well and does a lot of things that go unnoticed. When selling in new product, he makes sure to check with Tom Coyer to make sure we have enough product and that Jerrad won’t run others out of stock. Jerrad is always willing to help out in all areas of the business as needed. When delivering Monster coolers with the sprinter van, he has gone the extra mile on a number of occasions to pick up needed product from our suppliers, helping save the warehouse a trip or two. Thanks for your hard work and team dedication, Jerrad. We appreciate all you do!

Andy Schmitz is solid and has a lot of common sense. He handles things very well on his own, not needing a lot of hand holding. He has a been a great asset with leg work with upgrades to Encompass. He is a go-to guy for feedback.  Andy is open minded and wants to do things differently if need be and improve them. He comes with a solution and not the problem. Andy is a team player and is a big fan of his drivers. He has a lot of small accounts that require swapping/rotating of product. He handles this well, tracks it and makes sure it is back in time in order to get to the right account. Thank you Andy for all you do, your dedication and commitment to a job well done in all aspects.

High Five to all our January Kings – you guys are all stars!


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